Permanent Hair Removal Spray price in Pakistan

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Permanent Hair Removal Spray price in Pakistan

BrandNair Spray
Item FormSpray
Quantity1 spray
Delivery Time2-3 Business Days
Offer2 Box Rs 3500
Imported FromUK




    Best Hair Removal Spray price in Pakistan …. 1999 PKR .

    Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Sapray is specially formulated to gently and quickly remove hair around sensitive areas without scratches, cuts or razor bumps. With a sweet almond oil base, this cream leaves your skin soft and smooth and is ideal for women with sensitive skin.

    Permanent Hair Removal Spray in Pakistan

    The work of such a remedy for getting rid of unwanted hair lies in its special components that can act on the hair follicle, destroying its protein component directly in the cells. Thus, the hair follicle dies, and hair growth stops forever.

    Nair Hair Removal Spray for Women

    Nair Hair removal sapray allows you to remove hair in hard to reach places without even touching the formula. Just turn the dial to apply the hair remover and then, as the name suggests, keep going. It works wonders, removing skin just below the surface .

    Nair Removal Spray Benefits

    Hair removal spray for men contain solid synthetic compounds which can set off a response in touchy skin types. Otherwise called depilatories, hair evacuation splashes work by going after the proteins in hair .

    How To Use Nair hair spray
    Body Hair Removal: Which Method is Best for You?
    The speedy choice: shaving. You know this one without a doubt. …
    Epilating: wreck free and durable. Epilating is less agreeable than shaving. …
    Fulfilling waxing. …
    Sweet sugaring: the less excruciating other option. …
    Laser body hair expulsion: the well known salon treatment.






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