Fair King Cream In Pakistan

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Fair King Cream In Pakistan

BrandFair King Green Tea
Item FormCream
Quantity20 G
Delivery Time2-3 Business Days
Offer2 Box Rs 3500
Imported FromP.R.C




    Authentic On-Line Order Fair King Green Tea Cream in Pakistan

    fair king inexperienced tea cream in pakistan includes plant inexperienced tea elements it nourishing your pores and skin, fair king green tea cream inexperienced tea additionally gets rid of wrinkles, tighten the pores and skin, refill moisture, dispose of pimples. Moisturize the muscle tissue, manage oil, and make you more youthful and it’s far for all skin kinds.

    Fair King Green Tea Moisturizing Hand Mask Honey Pimples Elimination Cream

    fair king green tea moisturizing hand masks honey pimples removal cream includes the snail secretion filtrate, the feel is sensitive and watery. It moisturizes the skin, gives the skincare and moisture to make the pores and pores and skin gentle, clean, and moisturized. Truthful king pimples remedy blackhead elimination anti-acne cream oil manipulate cut back pores pimples scar dispose of face care whitening 15g.

    Honest King Green Tea Cream Fee in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Faislabad

    fair king inexperienced tea cream incorporates arbutin whitening components, clean and sensitive texture, mild and moisturizing, lightening spots. It enhancing pores and skin’s dark yellow and brightening skin; moisturizing avocado with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, nourishing and nourishing the skin. Fair king inexperienced tea creamin pakistan relieves dryness and roughness, brings skin to supple it’s far smooth and clean, leaving skin white, easy, and clean.

    Elements in Honest King Inexperienced Tea Cream :

    water, isohexadecane ethylhexylpalmitate, propyleneglycolcypentasiloxane, cetearyl alcohol, caprylic / cappriprigligliglionidel glucoside, glyceryl stearate, salvia milthiortienzo-zootrotextract root extract, scutelriririsgliellaria extract of euphyllusolio-yovellifolia root leaf extract gala, orientale extract, centèllaasiatica extract, sodium acrylate.


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