Bio Herbs King Honey in Pakistan

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Bio Herbs King Honey in Pakistan

BrandBio Herbs Royal King Honey
Item FormLiquid
Quantity 10g x 30 
Delivery Time2-3 Business Days
Offer2 Box Rs 14000
Imported FromMalaysia
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    Bio Herbs King Honey Price  in Pakistan

    Royal king honey bio-herbs combination is a widespread electricity supply for correct frame building up and is the miracle in remedy of sexual impotence and sterility. Pure honey fortified with selected combination of rainforest herbs (tongkat ali and ginseng). Nutritious honey enriched with important biomolecules in bee larva. Royal king honey bio-herbs functions:

    lessen each day work tension and strain. Strengthen the frame in standard. Kidney regulation restores kidney’s secretion of various essential regulating hormones. Optimizes the function of reproductive endocrine device. Sexual dysfunction. Hold foremost kidney capabilities, leading to total body rejuvenation. Give a boost to the frame in fashionable.

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    Bio Herbs King Honey will increase sexual choice. Strengthens the erection with out feeling tired. Boosts self confidence because of a strong sexual performance. Increases testosterone tiers. Decreases prostate troubles and ailments within the guy’s effective device.


    Eurycoma longifolia radix, panax
    ginseng, maca, polygoni
    multiflori preparata, himalayan
    teasel rool, turmeric root
    tuber, songaria cynomorium
    pure honey

    Side Effects Bio Herbs King Honey

    Does not contain any preservatives, synthetic coloring, or flavor. Honey benefits have been carefully associated with human beings for a long term. This wonderful food can make your coronary heart stronger, look youthful, boom immune structures, increase intercourse overall performance, actual anti-oxidant, increase stamina, and correct complexion, wrinkle-loose and lots of extra.

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    1. Kamran

      Bio Herbs King Honey i am us very good results my name Kamran this product is very good results

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